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Wyrllish Parkane (? AC - ? AC) was a male Human who was one of the highest ranking clerics in the church of Takhisis during the latter part of the Age of Despair. He is recognized as one of the three individuals, along with Harrawell Dracart and Harkiel the Bender, responsible for originally creating the Draconians through the corruption of Metallic Dragon eggs. Wyrllish hated most men, preferring to dwell in his subterranean chamber in the depths of the Temple of Luerkhisis, rather than anywhere else. The priest had a shaved head, was ugly and misshapen, and had intense brown eyes.

Kender Tales[]

Sometimes Wyrllish's name has been recorded as "Wryllish" or "Wyrlish", however these are both inaccurate versions of his actual name. In other tales, Wyrllish was mentioned as having long brown hair, graying at the temples, but this is also false propaganda.