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Wyrmslayer is a magical elven crafted longsword and sister sword to Wyrmsbane. It had elven script etched into the blade, and the crosspiece that looks like an eagle's beak. Wyrmslayer gives off a buzzing or humming sound when it gets within thirty feet of a true Chromatic Dragon, but not Draconians. Any dragon that is within three hundred feet of that, will hear it’s buzzing and instantly know what it is. When used to kill a Baaz Draconian, the sword will not get stuck in the body when it turns to stone.

Age of Dreams[]

Wyrmslayer was forged during the Second Dragon War to fight off the evil dragons that were invading Silvanesti. The sword was later used by the great elven general Kith-Kanan at the beginning of the Kinslayer War. At the end of the war in 2140 PC, Kith-Kanan took the blade with him to his new nation of Qualinesti. Upon Kith's death, the sword was buried with him in Pax Tharkas.

Age of Despair[]

The sword was again found when the Companions infiltrated Pax Tharkas through the Sla-Mori, and found it in Kith-Kanan's burial room. When a giant slug entered into the room, Tanis was actually given the sword by the dead Speaker's skeleton. Tanis carried Wyrmslayer with him to Tarsis, where it was separated from him. Sturm Brightblade took it with him and Laurana, but they ended up losing it to Speaker Solostaran Kanan when the arrived on Qualin-Mori. Solostaran would later give the blade to Tanis upon his wedding to Laurana. It is unknown what became of the blade to this day.

A Triplet[]

There is another sword that popped up in 421 AC in the city of Palanthas. It was in the possession of Caelthalas Elbernarian in the form of a wooden staff that can change into a longsword. Cael claimed to have received this from his teacher and shalafi, Master Verrochio, and that it was a third blade to Wyrmslayer and Wyrmsbane. He also claimed that this blade was the most powerful of the three. The blade was last seen going with Cael as he left Palanthas.

This blade can change into a wooden staff, can merge and unmerge with other objects to hide it, cut deflect magic bolts that are thrown at the person with the blade, and cuts skin and metal with equal ease. While as a wooden staff, a person can pull from it a blue longsword with a glowing green jewel in the pommel and no crosspiece.


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