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A distant cousin of the dragon, wyverns are brutish hunters that are normally thirty feet from nose to tail. They have long thin bodies and faces that resemble that of a dragon, and possess a long tail that comprises over half of a wyvern's entire length, and ends in a curved stinger. The scorpion-like tail of a wyvern is highly poisonous and used to incapacitate their foes.

Wyverns are normally covered in either dark brown or grey scales and their bat-like wings make them skilled fliers. The great beasts may not be overly intelligent, nor possess any arms, however they are very adept at hunting, catching their prey in their leg talons whilst in flight. In a fight, wyverns tend to rely on their talons or their stinger tail, and will never use their sharp teeth, preferring to have their head positioned as far away from their enemy as possible. Wyverns can often be found together in small groups, however they act independantly most of the time.

Whilst most wyverns can only speak in low growls or hisses with others of their kind, some particularly intelligent wyverns have been known to speak draconic, although this is extremely rare.


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