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Xak Tsaroth was once a thriving city on the central eastern coast of Abanasinia. The city was founded by the descendants of the Ut-kiri tribe. The wealthy city was led by merchant lords and home to a Temple of Mishakal.


During the Cataclysm it was partially destroyed and the surviving inhabitants fled. Most of the surviving city slid down a cliff face and was buried in a cavern, while the temple itself was one of the only buildings to escape destruction during the Cataclysm. The remains of the city on the surface would then overlook from a cliff the New Sea.

Age of Despair

Cursed Lands surrounded the ruined city and was later discovered by Gully Dwarves when Nulph Bulp fell down a shaft which led into Xak Tsaroth. Nulph then claimed the city as Bulp property and allowed the Slud Clan and Glup Clan to also move in. Glunggu Bulp invented a lift made of two large pots which was constructed inside the Xak Tsaroth and later used by the Draconians.

War of the Lance

During the War of the LanceKhisanth the Black Dragon claimed Xak Tsaroth in order to guard the Disks of Mishakal. She had draconian forces to aid her, and they then enslaved the gully dwarves. The Heroes of the Lance slew Khisanth and caused more destruction to the city by its collapsing further into the Newsea.

After fleeing during all the fighting, the Aghar later resettled into Xak Tsaroth and all three clans merged into one united clan of Bulps, under the (able?) leadership of the Highbulp. The ruins of Xak Tsaroth are also home to a number of other more malign creatures, which lie in wait for the unwary visitor.





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