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Male Hartdar
Classes: Fighter 8/Midland Guard 5
Alignment: LN

Xaven Mythrilaxe (Zay'-ven Meeth'-rihl-aks) (5/1/294 AD - current) is the Grand Servant of the Midland Guard, serving directly under the Second Protector. Mythrilaxe is the third to hold the position of Grand Servant. He took the office in 406 AD after his predecessor, Morgram Haspright, retired in order to take care of his ailing parents. At the time he was appointed to the position, it was said Mythrilaxe was chosen over several other more likely candidates simply because Cavlin wished to have another Hartdar by his side. In the following years this fueled his dedication to the job in order to show his worth to the Midlands and the Sovereign Lord. So dedicated was his work many believed him to be the most likely choice to succeed Cavlin as Second Protector. Although disheartened when Noragaen Veliya was chosen over him, he continues to focus on proving himself to his Lord and Land.