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XimXim (? PC – 2412 PC) was a giant praying mantis. It stood twenty paces tall. It had a three sided head with green eyes. XimXim’s antennae were as think as a man’s wrist. It had three pairs of legs and scythe like arms like normal praying mantis.


XimXim origins are unknown. It was theorized by the renegade wizard Mandes that XimXim may have been created by Magic.


XimXim terrorized the Kender of Hylo for decades. They made a sort of arrangement with the creature. It would kill a few of them and take their cattle every year but would leave them enough to live on. The Empire of Ergoth sent at least eleven expeditions to deal with the monster, but none returned. In the years before 2416 PC XimXim was quiet but then in the spring of that year he destroyed the Kender village of Skipping Trace. It then moved in the caves by the ruined village.

War with Tarsis[]

Ergoth went to war with Tarsis. During the war the Ergothians had to withdraw due to the Red Wrack so the Tarsians moved to attack the city of Hylo but was attacked and stopped by XimXim. It is guessed the creature saw the invading army as a threat. The Empire of Ergoth then sent Lord Tolandruth to investigate and stop the creature with 300 men.

Tol found the creature’s lair and with Mandes and his two wives they investigated. Unfortunately the beast returned. Tol and Mandes fought the creature. Mandes lost an arm in the battle but Tol managed to force the creature to fall into a pit of molten rock where it fell to its death.


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