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Zebulah (? - ? AC and 426 AC) was a middle-aged, clean-shaven human Red Robe wizard. He had long brown hair. Zebulah would wear red robes stitched with luminous thread. He had the ability to cast a spell on himself so he or others could breathe under water and he had the ability to extend his life with magic. Zebulah was also able to speak Sea Elven.

After he was raised as an undead, his skin became an ashen gray.


When Zebulah was young and greedy, he was always looking for a quick steel piece. He made his way down to the ruins of Istar to find some of the lost riches located there and hoping to find the Tower of High Sorcery at Istar. While down there, he saw Apoletta swimming in her elven form before she could change shape and instantly fell in love with her. He chose to live under the sea in tranquility, and was able to finally get her to be with him and they were married.

War of the Lance[]

From time to time he would want to speak with people from the surface, so he would wander the ruins of Istar where other humans who have fallen into the Blood Sea of Istar are kept. During this time he met Tanis, Goldmoon, Riverwind, Caramon Majere, Tika Waylan, and Berem in the ruins.

Post Chaos War[]

After the gods left, magic no longer worked. Zebulah could no longer cast the spells needed to breathe water or extend his life. He lived in one of the many air pockets of Istar. His body started to take his normal age and he realized that he would die soon. Apoletta gave him her personal magical items for him to leech the magic away so he could live. This wasn’t enough for Zebulah and he secretly started leeching magic from Istar’s twenty-four dragonlances. For fear of what his wife would think of him he left Istar with a dragonlance.

He wandered the ocean and eventually drained all the magic of his stolen dragonlance. He tried to rob an underwater tomb to find magical items but he drowned in the process. Since the gods were gone the River of Souls was blocked and his spirit could not move on.

Post War of Souls[]

When the gods returned, Zeboim found what was left of Zebulah. She raised him as an undead creature. The goddess then introduced him to the Mahkwahb and the Mahkwahb Wartide introduced him the Fire Dragon Blazewight who the elves were serving. Zebulah’s memories of his past life were partial at best and he thought it was Apoletta who exiled him from Istar. Zebulah during this time developed a sort of friendship with Wartide.

In 426 AC, Zeboim schemed for her elves to defeat Blazewight. She used Zebulah to lure Apoletta and a group of elves to the city of Blood Shoal. The Sea elves and Zebulah teamed up and managed to defeat the dragon. In the process Zebulah’s legs were burned off. After the battle, Apoletta got to say goodbye to him before his body turned to mist and his soul was allowed to move on.


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