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Zhaman is a magical fortress built near the Dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin and the Plains of Dergoth.


The fortress of Zhaman was destroyed in the blast that ended the Dwarfgate Wars. The tower fell in upon itself and melted into the shape of a leering skull. Thus, it is now known as Skullcap. The black rock under the skull is as cold as ice. Along with the tower’s destruction, the powerful magic unleashed by Fistandantilus laid waste to the land for miles around. A foul-smelling swamp now surrounds the area. This swamp is not large, but unknown creatures hide within the water. A thick mist hangs about the swamp.

Skullcap is commonly known as the grave of Fistandantilus, but stories have been told of some of his artifacts being found and taken from his resting place, notably the Bloodstone of Fistandantilus and his skull.

Places of Interest[]

Kender Tales[]

One Dwarven account says that Zhaman was raised by Fistandantilus during the Dwarfgate Wars, but other histories prove otherwise.